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WISDOM coaching programs for kids and teens are based on the WISDOM System for Coaching Children from Adventures in Wisdom.This system is a story-based coaching model for children ages 6-12, with fun and engaging programs. The system provide tools and resources to empower kids and teens to be leaders of their own life by taking full responsibility for their journey.

While being in the program, kids/teens learn how to overcome self-doubt, manage mistakes, and deal with peer pressure so they can develop strong self-esteem and powerful self-confidence for life.

The programs are designed in such a way that kids/teens feel at ease: the sessions are fun, but also teach skills and provide steps to take action.

We learn by reading stories to spark discussion rather than talking directly about challenges or situations. This helps kids and teens feel at ease because they are not being judged or put on the spot. We call this “teaching without preaching” or “learning without lecturing”.

There are 5 programs as part of the WISDOM System for Coaching Children and they teach kids and teens 27 powerful mindset skills for creating happiness, confidence, and success.



  1. How your mind shapes your world and what you can do to shape your mind

  2. Power of Possibility - Why you achieve what you believe (The good and the bad)

  3. Building Neural Pathways - How to create your path to success

  4. The Secret Radar in your brain - How to use your RAS to achieve your goals

  5. Power Shifting - How to choose your power even when things don't go your way

Confident Kid's Packaage

What Is Self Confidence

First, young children often don't understand the concept of self-confidence or why it's importnat.

In the story of "Canville and Can'tville - a Tale of Two Towns", children learn to understand what self-confidence is and the impact of an "I can" belief system. They learn about their comfort zone and how practicing stretching outside of their comfort zone will help them develop confidence in all areas of their lives. Together we will come up with some fun stretch activities to help them practice stepping outside their comfort zone between sessions.

How Your Mind Shapes Your World

Next, what kids accomplish in life is shaped by what kids believe about themselves - both at the conscious level and on the subconscious level. When kids learn how to uncover negative beliefs and then shift them to support beliefs, they become empowered to handle disappointments and setbacks without giving up on themselves. I share the story "Who's Flying Your Plane" and help kids understand how their mind shapes their world and what they can do to shape their mind. 

Neural Pathways and Managing Fear

Next, learning how to move through anxiety and fear helps kids learn how to believe in themselves when facing something new. First, I share the store "Pathway to Success" to help kids understand that anxiety is a natural response to doing something new because their brain hasn't developed neural pathways about the new experience. Then I share the story "Slaying Dragons" to help kids learn three common thought patterns that create fear and a five-step process for moving through fear and creating courage.


After kids have learned how to move through fear, we work on solidifying a positive self-concept by learning to develop positive self-talk. Positive self-talk helps to build strong neural pathways and program the mind for strong self-confidence. I share the story "Choosing Your BFF (Best Friends Forever)" to help kids understand how to use the power of positive self-talk and become their own BFF. We also have a fun activity that helps children create their own positive self-talk mantras and decorate a self-talk mirror they can take home with them. 

Power Shifting

Finally, when things don't go their way, kids often give up on themselves which devastates self-confidence. A powerful skill for kids to learn is how to separate both events and their results from "who they are" as a person. At Adventures in Wisdom, we call this power shifting (often referred to as "reframing"). I share the story "Power Goggles" and help kids understand how to handle the ups and downs of growing up without giving up on themselves. 

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